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Celebrities and talented people are showcased with a personal video, mini interview and official site links to show they are... "Officially Plugged In"

For Safety Sake... Don't fall for fakes! Know for sure if you have found the 'real deal'.
** Many of the folks involved in this website are available to be interviewed about why they are a part of OfficiallyPluggedin.com
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Created by Wendy Shepherd ... This is the first original site online( since 2007) that highlights celebrities and talented people in various industries including: movies, music, books and more. Each page showcases a verified video of a person telling who they are, what they do and where to officially find them online. Doing this helps to keep family, friends and fans safe from online poser / fake profiles. Read & share the safety story - Click here

**Just because people are listed on this website, does not mean you shouldn't use caution when talking or networking with them. Be sure to research everyone, check their resume resources, etc. We aren't here to "police" people, just to let people tell you where to officially find them. A panel of people, from key positions in various industries, are behind this website to keep things under control.

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:Officially Plugged In Magazine :

Interview with actor Lee Arenberg... READ MORE

Interview with actress Addy Miller... READ MORE

Interview with actor Bernard Robichaud... READ MORE

Who Do You Want To See Showcased?

Who do you want to see showcased?
So far, people want these talents showcased...

Robert Downey Jr. | Tom Felton
Chris Pine | Robert Pattinson
Kristen Stewart | Russell Crowe

Media Coverage : Officially Plugged In

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Movie Vine
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Film Courage
Listen to Paul J Alessi (who is showcased) being interviewed by David Branin and Karen Worden where they talk about his entertainment career and his new Knuckle Draggers film on... Listen

Featured - Showcased Friends:

Below you'll find our featured original showcased friends. Many of these people were the first believers of the concept and have helped in one way or another to bring awareness to this website. You can also find all people showcased on this site by going to this page.. » A-Z of who is showcased

Actor : Director

Sean Patrick Flanery
Actor : Producer

Clifton Collins Jr
Actor : Producer

Paul J. Alessi
Actor : Producer

Frederic Doss

Actor : Director

Norman Reedus

Actor : Writer

Brian Mahoney
Actress : Producer

Amie Barsky
Actor : Musician

Steven Seagal
Musician / Songwriter

Shaun Fisher

Actor : Writer

David McDivitt
Marketer : Author

Shawn Collins


Katrina Hill
Comedian : Actor

Bob Rubin
Actress : Host

Karen Worden


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