David McDivitt David McDivitt (DJ)
David McDivitt (DJ) : Actor, Writer, Director, Producer, Stunts.

He worked on and raced muscle cars. He enlisted in the U.S. Army as a helicopter mechanic and joined the U.S. Marine Corps. After his military service was completed, he worked at various truck-driving jobs, then he found he had a talent for working with computers. David is a talented artist, and began drawing at the age of four. When he was 10, he would sign autographs for popular child stars because he was constantly being mistaken for actors like Ricky Schroder. When he reached adulthood, he decided to give acting a try and realized he'd found his true calling. He's appeared in shows and films such as Pineapple Express, Numb3rs, The Pentagon Memo and more.

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Out of all of the social networks you belong to, which is the most valuable?

Social networks, I would say is MySpace. It's where I get most of my emails from, and I reply to as best as possible. I just like MySpace better than any of the others. It's customizable and it's where I hang out most.

Do you happen to read any online magazines?

No. Plain and simple. What I do is study all of the time. I spend most of my time doing research for quantum physics, string theory, electromagnetic theories... I'm also a network engineer, so I'm researching things all of the time. I don't like sitting still. In my spare time for fun, I'm currently studying undercut express.Studying to get my engineering degree through the Apple environment. I already have one through the Microsoft environment. I've been working on computers for over 20 years. Started with my dad when he used to work with IBM.

Do you ever look to hire or work with people through the internet or do you go through regular channels with agents and managers?

I use the internet. Unless someone contacts me directly, it's still basically pure internet access. Agents and managers don't really work to your benefit, they work to their benefit, because they want to get a percentage on whatever your take is on whatever job you get. If you are an actor, you are a constant contractor.... listen to more advice from the podcast interview answers - click here.

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