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Bob Rubin : Comedian / Actor

Has been doing comedy for about 25 years. Just finished filming Boondock Saints II : All Saints Day as the character Gorgeous George .

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What made you decide to bring your comedy online?

15 or more years ago, people would come up to me after a show and ask me if I had a website. I would always say, "oh yeah, I keep meaning to do that....but I never did, until now. All those years wasted, not having such a great promotional tool, but thanks to you, I have fallen into the good side of "better late than never"

Have you received feedback on the comedy videos you uploaded?

The feedback has been amazing. So many great people from all over the world just wanting to check out some good comedy whenever they want and they have been checking mine out and always leaving a kind comment. Makes me excited to think about cities all over the world I have still yet to play.

Do you frequent any comedy websites online?

I haven't really been checking out any other online sites for comedy. I will as, and if I become involved with them. I do like to check out what my friends are up to by lookig up their myspace pages.

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