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04/25/2010 08:48 PM
Ok, let’s start off with some intro information before I share this interview with you. Three Officially Plugged In showcased friends have gotten together to create a new film called Goodbye Promise. * Goodbye Promise is about a man who moves to Los Angeles and […]... READ MORE

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Karen Worden Karen Worden
Karen Worden : Actress, Exec. Producer/Co-Host of 'Film Courage'

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When did you and David Branin start the LA Talk Radio show Film Courage online?

David and I began Film Courage in April of 2009. David and his Night Before the Wedding lead actor, Gregor Collins, were set to be interviewed by another radio show on LA Talk Radio in March of 2009. One of the girls that played a porn star in NBTW was scheduled to be interviewed with them. Unfortunately, she had to cancel an hour before the interview. We tried to contact everyone we could think of in the film to replace her to no avail. We drove to the studios of LA Talk Radio. I sat in the waiting room. The host of the show (Kip Brown from ‘In The Can’) prompted me to join David and Gregor on the air. I did and I loved it.

Later on that day, Dave mentioned that he wanted to host a radio show, as he had done in college. I said “Sounds fun. Looks like I will be joining you.”

Which Film Courage show was spread virally the most through social networks?

There have been so many Film Courage episodes which have received numerous responses from listeners. However, the show with the most listens so far has been our second interview with ‘Ink’ filmmakers Jamin and Kiowa Winans. Ink has a very loyal fan base. The film is amazing. David and I can’t say enough great stuff about it. The fans of Ink and Film Courage enjoyed the interview because of the story behind making Ink, the quality of film that it is, and how the studio system has not granted it the respect it deserves.

Have you gotten acting work due to having your Film Courage show?

I have landed a few roles for a couple commercials and now a web series.

Also, it has been strangely refreshing how other radio programs/podcasts have wanted to interview David and myself about the radio show and filmmaking. We have two more radio interviews with other shows coming up this month and we love it. We are having a blast doing the show. It has changed our lives.

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