Amie Barsky Amie Barsky
Amie Barsky : Actress, Producer.

Amie was a part of the National Football League organization as a cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles. Her talents as an actress, dancer and model have led her to work in over 20 countries and with various talents such as Jay Roach, Mike Myers, Dixie Chicks, Outkast, and Jennifer Lopez to name a few. Some of her producing and acting credits include, Knuckle Draggers, The Guilds, Truth or Dare, Allison, A Guy Named Murphy, and a series of Hahm Motorsports commercials.

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Do you use any chat programs online? If so, which one?
Amie: Not particularly, if so AOL IM.

Do you tend to network more online or on the phone?
Amie: I would say more so online.

Do you download music online?
Amie: I like to use iTunes.

Have you bought or rented any digital movies?
Amie: No.

How has having your own website helped with your career?
Amie: Having a website is a great marketing tool. It allows people to see a lot of information in one location, my resume, reel, what I am working on now, my background, education etc. It allows producers, directors, casting agents and of course fans to see what's going on in my career. It's convenient and efficient.

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