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Shawn Collins Interview covering his Online Businesses
05/23/2009 01:02 AM
Shawn, you’ve been online for about 15 years and have been running your own websites for about 12 of those years. I’ve known you since about the year 2000 when you were the affiliate manager of Club Mom. Over time, you’ve been an affiliate, affiliate...... READ MORE

Shawn Collins Shawn Collins
Shawn Collins : Affiliate Marketer, Author.

Shawn Collins wrote the book, 'Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants' which is the best selling book in the space, and it is considered to be required reading by affiliate managers. Shawn is a Co-founder of the Affiliate Summit, the premier affiliate marketing conference. He is also the Co-Publisher and Co-Editor-in-Chief of FeedFront Magazine. Shawn writes a daily blog on affiliate marketing news and opinion at his Affiliate Tip site.

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Would you consider yourself an internet guru?
Shawn: I don’t care for that title, as it is often misused by con artists. I think I’d classify myself more as an experience leader in Internet marketing.

What is your most valuable tool(s)?
Shawn: My Blackberry is essential to me, because I’m frequently away from my office, and the Blackberry enables me to leave the office without leaving my access.

What is the wackiest thing you’ve seen online?
Shawn: I’m surprised every day about the trends in what people are searching via .

Do you regularly shop online?
Shawn: It’s very irregular for me to shop offline. I’d say 90% of my shopping is online.

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Affiliate Marketing Blog
Is Your Site Prepared for Mobilegeddon?
04/21/2015 05:45 PM

There was a lot of talk yesterday at Pubcon Austin about how Google was changing up their algorithm today to give preference to mobile friendly sites. So sites that are not mobile friendly are expected to get diminished exposure in Google, hence Mobilegeddon. Google has a mobile friendly test you can run for your site, […]

The post, Is Your Site Prepared for Mobilegeddon? by Shawn Collins, was originally published on the Affiliate Marketing Blog.


Google Apps for Work is Great for Start-Ups
04/17/2015 05:14 PM

We moved our email from Microsoft Outlook to Google Apps for Work years ago, and I’d highly recommend the change for any small company. I love that everything is in the cloud for us – email, shared docs, calendars, etc., and it’s all easy to manage from our iPhones and iPads, too (not sure about […]

The post, Google Apps for Work is Great for Start-Ups by Shawn Collins, was originally published on the Affiliate Marketing Blog.


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Can Affiliate Marketing Be Profitable?
04/01/2015 06:52 PM
Affiliate marketer Shawn Collins of answers a question about whether there is still money to be made in affiliate marketing. Q: with an average CTR of 1.5% and a good...
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