Sean Patrick Flanery Sean Patrick Flanery
Sean Patrick Flanery : Actor, Director, Writer, Martial Arts.

Sean Patrick Flanery is known for roles in film and television, such as The Boondock Saints (Connor MacManus), Powder (as Powder), The Dead Zone (Greg Stillson), Simply Irresistible (Tom Bartlett), Adventures of Young Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones), Girl (Todd Sparrow), Suicide Kings (Max Minot), and more.

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Blast Magazine Interview
Film Courage LA Talk Radio Interview

Sean's Officially Plugged In Interview:

Are you an internet newbie or are you pretty acclimated?

Sean: Somewhere in the middle.

Do you feel having your own website has been beneficial?
Sean: Absolutely.

What is the coolest thing or website you have ever seen online?
Sean: That's a VERY long list.

Have you experienced anything freaky on the internet?
Sean: Yes. People's ability to find ANYTHING out about you.

Have you lost sleep because of the internet sponge?
Sean: Not really.

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