Matt Beckham Matt Beckham
Matt Beckham : Actor, Writer, Musician.

Musician and actor appearing in films such as The Prodigy, Sinners and Saints, The Dueling Accountant and more.

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When did you first start using the internet as a creative outlet to show your projects?

Exact dates are fuzzy but I’m sure it was after 2000. I started to work with a friend on a web design for a personal website. It quickly became clear that I was a little picky for direct collaboration. So My Space was a perfect answer. I started throwing my stuff up there: music, acting clips, blog type musings on life. Then Wendy was kind enough to make me look legit with a www space on the internet.

Have you gotten much feedback through your MySpace accounts for your music and acting?
Yes some very kind comments and support. Even some offers of work from My Space. But I see the limitation of the internet as “face in the crowd syndrome”. It’s so easy to get lost in a sea of other websites and other creativity. As with everything the challenge seems to be standing out, driving...attention towards whatever you are trying to sell

Has your official website served as sort of an online business card? Do people ask if you have one often?

Not as much as you might think. I think people love to anonymously discover things. When they come across it they can devote as much time to viewing as they want. There is no pressure that you will call back and say, “how’d you like my stuff.” If they can view it on their own time and like it or not I think that makes people more comfortable. But again you have the challenge of how to let people “discover” your site instead of them just writing you off as another face in the crowd.

What do you hope to accomplish over the next year through networking online?
Online submissions: I hope to submit myself for acting projects via video, over the internet. It seems like that’s kind of a wave of the future.

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